Sir Williams is a brown bulldog and a British agent for the Spy Dogs. He acts as a meat expert. He is voiced by Jess Harnell in a British accent.

Appearance Edit

Sir Williams is a brown bulldog with a white mouth. He wears a cerulean neck collar and a black hat. He often holds an umbrella.

Personality Edit

Sir Williams is very talkative, which often gets him distracted during missions. He is an expert on food, especially beef. As a meat expert, he only likes choice cuts of meat.

History Edit

Sir Williams made his debut in the episode Bone, in which his expertise on beef was needed in solving the mystery of the missing meat. Sir Williams came to Ralph, who spotted a cow herd stormingclose to them. The two, along with Scribbles, rode a cow to a mansion where a giant cud ball hypnotised cows, attracting them to the house of Baron Von Bone, a man obsessed with meat. The dogs were apprehended and taken to Bone. Sir Williams was fed some scraps, but he refused. Upon seeing Williams' taste for fine meats, Bone connected with him. However, upon the Spy Dogs' plan being inacted, Williams escaped the falling building with Ralph and Scribbles.