This is the first half of Season 2's 8th episode.

Premise Edit

Catastrophe creates a flea dip formula that causes Dogs to genetically become cats, including the Spy Dogs!

Animation Credits Edit

  • Story by: Jim Benton and Michael Ryan
  • Written by: Jum Benton and Michael Ryan
  • Exec. Produers: Daniel Kletzky, Eric S. Rollman, Jim Benton and Michael Hack
  • Producer: Mike Jones
  • Story Editor: Michael Ryan

Trivia Edit

  • Canines affected by the Flea dip are Ralph, Noodle, Erin, Stahl, Von Rabie, Mitzi, Scribble, The Bark Squad, and Frank.
  • Catastrophe's Canine form bears a resemblance to the cartoon dog from the intro of the Game Show, "That's My Dog".
  • Final Appearance of Catastrophe.